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  • The Annual Equipment of Pipeline and Oil &Gas Storage and Transportation Event

    The 13th Beijing International Natural Gas Technology & Equipment Exhibition


    BEIJING, China

    May 31-June 2, 2023



    ■ Natural gas exploration, exploit, and production equipment
    ■ Technology and equipment for geophysical exploration, well logging and drilling
    ■ Gas field land equipment and technology
    ■ Technology and equipment for LNG engineering
    ■ Processing technology and equipment for liquefying natural gas
    ■ Processing technology and equipment for purifying natural gas
    ■ Technology and equipment for natural gas transportation and storage
    ■ Natural gas power machinery
    ■ Equipment of CNG and LNG filling station
    ■ NGV and LNG ship
    ■ Accessories of NGV
    ■ Compressor power equipment
    ■ Cryogenic temperature heat exchange equipment
    ■ Cryogenic liquid pump
    ■ Industrial automation and security system
    ■ Natural gas power generation technology and equipment
    ■ Measurement and analysis instrument
    ■ Fluid separation equipment and valve
    ■ Special pipelines and materials
    ■ Other related equipment
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